1967-1968 Mopar Fender Tag Decoder

This decoder is not complete. Information provided by it may or may not be correct.
I will not be responsible of information or mis-information provided by this decoder.

Please note that mymopar.com web page has a copy of this decoder. Their copy is outdated and
not updated. I have asked them multiple times to remove outdated version from their web page, but
got no response. For latest, and most correct information, use version on this page.

Last Update: 2.10.2013 [DD.MM.YYYY]

HOW TO USE: Allign codes below the corresponding letters, use extra spaces to allign codes properly.
At the last row, use single space to separate line codes.

If there is an error, or you know the specific option code that is not decoded by this decoder, send me email to:


Using this decoder is completely free. Information you enter to this decoder is not stored in any form.
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12345678 AX TRM PNT UBS

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