Where I can download RealDash?

For Android Google Play Store

For iOS App Store

For Windows 10 Windows Store

What Android/iOS/Windows minimum required version?

Android 4.1.0 (Jelly Bean, API Level 16)

iOS 8.0

Windows 10 version 14393.0

I have multiple Android devices, do I have to purchase full version for each device?

No. All purchases are tied into the Google user account that purchases were made with. You can use your Google account on multiple devices at the same time. Same principle applies to Apple and Microsoft stores.

I have purchased full version on Android, and now I wan't to use Windows version. Do I have to purchase full version again for Windows?

Cross selling between platforms is strictly prohibited by the rules of each store. Giving free full version for a purchase from another store would get as banned from the stores.

My Android device is listed as 'Incompatible', Why?

There is a way that you may be able to get more detailed information on why your device is listed as incompatible.

  1. On a PC, open web browser and log-in into google with your google account.
  2. Go to RealDash Google Play Store page
  3. You should see green '!' with text "This app is compatible with some of your devices."
  4. Click that, and see if your incompatible device is listed there.
  5. There you should find a small '+' sign to see more detailed information of why your device is listed as incompatible.

Why RealDash uses Internet connection?

  1. Downloading Map tiles for map gauge
  2. Downloading Speed limit information
  3. Downloading Dashboards from the gallery
  4. Checking and verifying the full version and premium dashboard purchases
  5. For posting Leaderboard scores and Achievements (Android and iOS)

Does RealDash work without Internet connection?

Basically yes. But naturally any feature that requires Internet connection is not available.

Why I don't see what music is playing when using Spotify on Android?

You must enable this feature from Spotify settings.

  1. Open Spotify
  2. Go to settings
  3. Enable setting "Device Broadcast Status, Allow other apps on your device to see what you are listening to.

What OBD adapter do you recommend?

We don't have a specific recommendation. Try to avoid cheapest 'mini' adapters, since many of them just do not work. Well known brands in price range of $30-$100 work well and are very reliable.

Is it possible to add support for my favorite ECU?

In theory, any ECU that is capable of sending serial (USB, Bluetooth, WiFi) data can be made compatible with RealDash. Another option is to use CAN-Serial adapter, like SPLeinonen's DashBox.

What are SPLeinonen DashBox and PDSX-1? Where can I get one?

SPLeinonen is a manufacturer of specialized vehicle electronics modules, like DashBox and PDSX-1. We work in close relation with them, but are different companies, run by different people.

DashBox is a specialized module that can be used to connect virtually anything with a internal combustion engine into RealDash. It can read RPM data directly from coil, or from ECU source. DashBox can be connected to CAN BUS, and interpret CAN commands into Bluetooth connection with RealDash. In addition, DashBox contains digital and analog inputs to connect extra sensors and display their readings in RealDash.

PDSX-1 is a programmable, modular power distribution module system. Each module contains inputs and outputs, and mapping on them can be done directly from RealDash.

For more information about availablity and pricing, please contact SPLeinonen thru their facebook site: SPLeinonen on Facebook

What racetracks are supported by RealDash lap timer? How can I add new racetrack?

Currently there is no track editor in RealDash. Each track is manually entered into the app by the developers. To request a new track, do the following.

  • Open and find the racetrack you are interested of.
  • Pinpoint the exact location of track finish line and write down the GPS location.
  • If possible, note approximate heading in degrees when crossing the finish line (0 north, 90 east, 180 south, and so on).
  • Send us the GPS coordinate and heading, and we will add the racetrack to next update of RealDash.

List of known racetracks that RealDash detects automatically:

  • Australia, Phillip Island
  • Australia, Wakefield
  • Brazil, Interlagos
  • Belgium, Spa Francorchamps
  • Belgium, Zolder
  • Croatia, Automotodrom Grobnik
  • Czech Republic, Brno
  • Czech Republic, Most
  • Estonia, Auto24ring
  • Finland, Ahvenisto
  • Finland, Alastaro
  • Finland, Botniaring
  • Finland, Kemor
  • France, Anneau du Rhin
  • France, Ledenon
  • France, LeMans
  • France, Magny-Cours
  • France, Nogaro
  • France, Pau Arnos
  • Germany, Hockenheimring
  • Germany, EuroSpeedway Lausitzring
  • Germany, Nürburgring GP
  • Germany, Nürburgring Nordschleife (short)
  • Germany, Nürburgring Nordschleife (long)
  • Hungary, Hungaroring
  • Hungary, Euroring
  • Italy, Cervia
  • Italy, Franciacorta
  • Italy, Imola
  • Italy, Misano
  • Italy, Misanino(kart)
  • Italy, Monza
  • Italy, Mugello
  • Malaysia, Sepang
  • Netherlands, Assen
  • Netherlands, Zandvoort
  • Portugal, Braga
  • Portugal, Estoril
  • Portugal, Algrave Portimao
  • Slovakia, Slovakiaring
  • Spain, Barcelona
  • Spain, Jerez
  • Spain, Valencia
  • UK, Brands Hatch
  • UK, Cadwell
  • UK, Donington
  • UK, Pembrey
  • UK, Silverstone
  • UK, Snetterton
  • UK, Thruxton
  • US, Auto Club Speedway Roval
  • US, Buttonwillow Raceway
  • US, Chuckwalla Raceway
  • US, Laguna Seca
  • US, Ridge
  • US, Sonoma Raceway
  • US, Spring Mountain Motor Resort
  • US, Streets of Willow
  • US, Virginia
  • US, Willow Springs
  • Sweden, Mantorp
  • Sweden, Knutstorp
  • Turkey, Istanbul


Why I don't see all Megasquirt data in RealDash?

By default RealDash displays the data that is common to all Megasquirt versions. To see data that is specific for your Megasquirt, you have to import the Megasquirt ini file into RealDash settings.

  1. Open RealDash settings
  2. Select your Megasquirt connection and select 'Settings'.
  3. Use 'Import Megasquirt INI file' button to select your ini file.

Rest of the data that Megasquirt sends is then listed in "ECU specific" category of RealDash inputs.

Can I connect to Ecumaster EMU with serial cable?

Unfortunately no. You need an EMU with Bluetooth. Enable Bluetooth data stream broadcast from EMU tuning software.

How to connect to Ecumaster EMU?

  1. Enable Bluetooth data stream broadcast from EMU tuning software.
  2. Pair EMU bluetooth module with your device.
  3. Add connection and set connection source as "Ecumaster EMU" in RealDash settings.
  4. Select your "Connections" as Data Source in RealDash settings.

Why I cannot connect to my Megasquirt 1?

  1. Please note that only the latest 'extra' firmware code is tested/supported with RealDash.
  2. Make sure the connection baud rate is set to 9600.
  3. Try importing your Megasquirt ini file from RealDash settings.

Why I cannot connect to all ECUs with my iPhone / iPad?

Apple does not allow generic Bluetooth-serial adapters to connect to their products, hence only the ECUs that have known serial-WiFi adapter are listed as compatible with iOS. There is nothing we can do about this limitation unless Apple changes their policy, which is unlikely.

RealDash does not connect to my ECU. I know my adapter/connection works with other apps. What can I do?

You can help us troubleshoot the problem. Here are the steps to enable debug logging and to send the log file to us for analysis.

  1. Go to Settings->Application->Debug Settings and enable debug logging feature.
  2. Go back to dashboard, and let the adapter make connection attempts for a minute or so.
  3. Let the adapter make connection attempts for a minute or so.
  4. Go back to Debug Settings, check that your debug log size is at least 5kb. If it is less, go back to step 2.
  5. Use 'Send to developers' button.

The debug log is uploaded to our server and we can investigate the reason of connection problems. You can now disable the debug logging.

Please send us an email when you have uploaded the debug log file. Since log files do not include any personal information, please note date and time of the log to help us find the correct log file.

How do I customize the OBD2 communication?

Customization of OBD communication is done by editing a xml file. We uploaded the xml file that RealDash uses by default into Dropbox.

In 'Channel description files' folder is a file 'realdash_obd2.xml', which is the RealDash default implementation file. Download it and modify to your needs. Default description file contains comments and some instructions for modifications.

Steps to take modifications into use:

  • Modify the channel description xml file.
  • Copy the file into your device.
  • Use Connection Settings 'Custom channel description file' option to import your xml file.

I'm building a custom hardware and installation. How can I show data in RealDash?

Easiest way would be to transmit a commonly known "AIM 5-byte" data stream into RealDash with serial or Bluetooth connection. For protocol specification, see chapter 3.2 on AIM specification:

In short, data is streamed in 5 byte packages in following manner:

  • The first byte is the channel number
  • The second is always 0xA3
  • The third and fourth are the channel value, high byte first
  • The fifth is the sum of the preceding four bytes.

Good thing about this protocol is that you can use the same protocol with AIM displays and dataloggers which accept serial connections. Downside is that it is not the highest performance protocol available, but still, it usually provides decent input rate.

Next you need to create a channel description XML file for RealDash. You can use the VEMSv3 specification file as a reference:

There the file "Channel description files/vems_aim.xml"

The important part in XML file is a channel="#", where '#' must be a same number as first byte in sent 5-byte packages.

After you have the custom XML file, do the following in RealDash settings:

  • Go to Settings->Connections
  • Remove any existing connections, just in case
  • Add new connection, Select Vems V3 as ECU type
  • Select your connection method (Bluetooth, Serial, WiFi)
  • On last page, use the button to import the XML file you created earlier.
  • Accept new connection and go back to dashboard.

How to get all indicator lights and other non-standard inputs to work?

  1. Install an external GPIO box that can receive signals from sensors and indicators. GPIO box can then broadcast this information into your ECU, or directly to RealDash like SPLeinonen PDSX-1 and DashBox.
  2. On modern CAN-bus vehicles, the custom PIDs of these can be sniffed from the car and then modify the OBD2 channel description file (see our FAQ) to read those custom PIDs from OBD2 port.

Please note, that at this point we do not have a list of custom PIDs for any vehicle, and really cannot help finding those.


Assetto Corsa

  1. Find your game computer's IP address.
  2. Open file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg\assetto_corsa.ini" with notepad.
  3. Find line "ENABLE_DEV_APPS=0" and change it to "ENABLE_DEV_APPS=1"
  4. Save the file.
  5. After setting the correct source in RealDash using your game computer's IP address the game should send you car data when the race starts.

Dirt Rally

  1. Find your RealDash device's IP address.
  2. Open file "C:\Users\<YOUR USER NAME>\Documents\My Games\DiRT Rally\hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config.xml" with notepad.
  3. Find line "<upd enabled="false" extradata="0" ip="" port="20777" delay="1" />"
  4. Edit it to something like this "<upd enabled="true" extradata="3" ip="<YOUR DEVICE IP>" port="20777" delay="1" />"
  5. Save the file.
  6. After setting the correct source in RealDash using same port number the game should send you car data when the race starts.


  1. Find your RealDash device's IP address.
  2. Open file "C:\Users\<YOUR USER NAME>\Documents\My Games\GRID 2\hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config.xml" with notepad.
  3. Find line "<motion enabled="false" ip="" port="20777" delay="1" extradata="0" />"
  4. Edit it to something like this "<motion enabled="true" ip="<YOUR DEVICE IP>" port="20777" delay="1" extradata="2" />"
  5. Save the file.
  6. After setting the correct source in RealDash using same port number the game should send you car data when the race starts.

Live for Speed

  1. Find your RealDash device's IP address.
  2. Open file "<LIVE FOR SPEED INSTALL LOCATION>\cfg.txt" with notepad.
  3. Find line "OutGauge Mode 0"
  4. Edit that line and few lines below it using following example:
    OutGauge Mode 1
    OutGauge Delay 1
    OutGauge IP <YOUR DEVICE IP>
    OutGauge Port 9996
  5. Save the file.
  6. After setting the correct source in RealDash using same port number the game should send you car data when the race starts.

Project CARS

  1. Go to game setting menu (top-right corner from main menu) "Options & Help" -> "Gameplay" and set UPD to 1.
  2. After setting the correct source in RealDash the game should send you car data when the race starts.